Three days ago Three days Ago The gas leak from a gas plant in the town of Coogee has prompted residents to stay indoors and have some water turned off.

The town has been without power since the leak occurred at the Coogegas Gas plant in Cooegie, NSW, on Tuesday night.

The leak is believed to have been caused by a fire at the plant which started about 11pm on Tuesday and has been contained.

NSW Police say it is believed the gas is leaking from a leaking gas cylinder at the gas plant.

Emergency services were called to the site shortly before midnight after the leak.

Residents have been told to stay inside their homes.

The NSW Ambulance Service has been called to help with the gas evacuation.

Local fire and rescue services have been called in as well.

Mr Newman said emergency services had been called from around the state to help.

“We’ve got about 60 paramedics and emergency crews coming through to assist,” he said.

“It’s pretty intense.

There’s going to be a lot of fire and emergency service personnel coming through.”

Mr Newman also urged people to keep pets indoors.

“Be aware of the risks, do not let your dog out,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

The gas plant was closed for a short period of time on Tuesday evening. “

If there’s a problem with a dog or a pet then you should report it to the police.”

The gas plant was closed for a short period of time on Tuesday evening.

Residents are being told to avoid Cooigas streets and to stay away from the area until the gas has been shut down.

Local residents are also being urged to keep their pets indoors and to wash their hands before going out.