A few days before the season ends, the mystery surrounding the final weeks of the season is beginning to take shape.

The curtain rises on the final season of the BBC One drama Croda.

It is the second year in succession for the show, which is produced by BBC Studios.

The series is also available on Sky and Amazon.com.

The finale of the first series, which wrapped in April, had a very different feel to the second.

The second season, which was filmed in the UK and was set to be broadcast on BBC One, was filmed on location in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In this new season, the final days of the show will be held in a new location, so the cast will have to go back home. 

“I’m delighted we’re returning to the UK,” said series creator Tom Walker.

“The audience has come through the seasons with such excitement and they’re so hungry for more.” 

The show is set in the early days of chemtrails, when people around the world began to see a white glow and a bright blue sky above their heads.

It follows a group of young people as they navigate a series of events, including the creation of a “white man’s world” by scientists who believed they were testing the effects of a new chemical, CO2, and their own survival. 

This is an important storyline in the history of the series and it will be fascinating to see how it unfolds over the course of the final episodes, which are scheduled to air on the following Sunday. 

The story line has been told over three seasons in the form of a number of different films and TV series. 

In the first season, “The White Man’s World” was filmed during the Cold War, and the story follows the work of scientist Dr. John Lydon (James Corden) as he works to create a “White Man’s Earth” from the ground up.

The show also explored the impact of CO2 on the environment, and featured the work by scientists at the University of Aberdeen, the US National Science Foundation and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

Cordoned off for the first time, a new world is opened up for the characters. 

Lydon and his team are in the middle of a test of a highly toxic, long-lasting substance, which has the potential to destroy life on Earth. 

After the test, Lydons life support unit is switched off and the team heads to a new city in the hope of re-establishing normal life. 

However, things are about to go very wrong, as the team finds themselves caught up in a conspiracy that will take them all down with it. 

At the heart of the conspiracy lies Dr. David Moxon (Chris Barden), who has been tasked with bringing the toxic substance to the surface.

He has been working with scientists from the Royal Aberdeen University, the National Science Board and the British Chemical Society, to try and create a chemical to combat CO2. 

There are several challenges that the team must overcome in order to achieve their goal, including a “toxic cloud” which surrounds the city, and Dr. Moxons personal fears about what the consequences of a release of the substance could be. 

Moxons team is also faced with the task of stopping the toxic cloud from blowing into the sky, as it would make life on the planet inhospitable to anyone in it.

The show’s main cast includes James Corden, Emma Thompson, Peter Kay, Tom Wilkinson, John Turturro, Laura Leighton and Stephen Thompson.

The main cast also includes Sophie Turner, Simon Baker, Emma Thomas, Laura Loughlin, Sarah Jones and Joanna Watling. 

Written by BBC Scotland, the series is directed by Sam Grieve, who has directed the series before, and stars Michael McAvoy as Dr. Lyden. 

Series executive producer Simon Coggan said: “We’re thrilled to be returning to BBC Scotland and its amazing and beautiful landscape for a third series.

It’s been a wonderful ride for all involved.

It has been a long time since we’ve been back on the same show, but I can’t wait to tell more of the story and the characters, and we’re all so grateful for the support we’ve received from the fans.” 

Corden said: “We’ve got a wonderful team on the show and I’m excited to get to work on our first ever British series.

We’ve all got the same vision for Croda, and it’s been an amazing ride and a great experience for me.” 

“The story has been written by two brilliant writers, and our cast is going to be fantastic to see them deliver what the fans have come to expect from the Croda team. 

We’re looking forward to getting to the end, and to finding out what the next step is in the story.