New Delhi: An outbreak of the coronaviral coronaviruses in India has triggered a ban on all new personal care products and medicines, prompting the pharmaceutical industry to push back on the idea that the new virus poses a significant risk to health.

In an interview with NDTV, Dr. Pradeep Jha, chairman of the department of toxicology at the National Institute of Health, said the coronovirus is the most serious threat to the health of Indians.

He said India has experienced an unprecedented increase in cases and deaths in the last few months.

The country has witnessed a dramatic increase in deaths related to COVID-19.

India’s coronavide vaccines were first introduced in December, 2017, after the coronasome vaccine was withdrawn from the market.

The new coronaval vaccines were tested in India in February, 2018 and are now in mass production.

Jha said it is not clear if the new vaccine will be safe or not.

India has been undergoing a coronavirentive pandemic for about four years, with the most recent major cases occurring in the city of Hyderabad on December 15.

More than 8,000 people have died of COVID infection, with most cases occurring between December 2016 and January 2017.

The virus has killed more than 20,000 Indians.

In its statement on Sunday, the Indian government said that while the government of India will be implementing all steps necessary to protect the public from the coronaventive coronavis, it is premature to discuss the scope of the challenge.

The statement did not mention the potential role of imported pharmaceuticals or the government’s position on import restrictions.

Earlier, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that India will continue to monitor the situation and take measures as required.

India is among the few countries that have not yet declared the pandemic.

India is also one of the few to have reported a positive result for COVID virus.