PUNJAB, India — The chemicals used in India’s chemical attack on a chemical plant in Punjab province on Tuesday are still being used.

Chemical weapons experts are trying to determine whether the blast killed dozens of people and injured scores more.

Some experts say the chemical weapon was an explosive device, which would have been easy to detect on a ground-level inspection of the plant.

Chemicals experts say they can determine the chemical composition of the bomb, but it is difficult to identify because of the way the blast occurred.

They say the blast site is about 1,200 meters (4,500 feet) from a hospital and some of the workers’ clothing was found to be burned in the blast.

A toxicology report is expected to be released later this week.

Chemists and scientists have been trying to figure out what caused the blast at the Ganjipur chemical plant, which is located in the western state of Punjab.

The chemical plant was shut down after a chemical spill on Sept. 15.

It is estimated about 15,000 people work at the plant, with more than 3,000 at the site.

The blast caused an extensive fire, with the chemical plant and its surrounding area also affected by the fire.

The chemicals burned for several hours and officials said there was no sign of an explosion.