A chemical research company is looking to expand its business from a single research facility to multiple sites, one at a time.

Dr. Gopalakrishnan, chief executive officer of Agritech Group Ltd., said he believes organic chemistry will become a more common and efficient way of producing synthetic chemicals in the future.

He said the company is currently conducting studies at the University of California at Davis and the University in Texas.

He said they are aiming to launch the first facility in the Bay Area in the next few months.

“I think we will see that in the coming years, but we are not there yet,” Dr. Geshishnan said.

“It will be an organic chemistry and biotechnology company.”

Dr. Sushil Dasgupta, an associate professor of chemistry at UCSD, said organic chemistry is a science of creating synthetic chemicals that have high stability.

He said organic chemicals are typically used in organic chemistry research, where the process is conducted in a controlled environment and controlled conditions.

“They are extremely efficient,” Drs.

Dasguptas said.

Dr. Dasposa, who is also the president of the California Polytechnic State University, said he has been in touch with several potential partners to develop the facilities.

He declined to say which ones.

The company is working with the University at San Diego, the University College of London, and the California Institute of Technology, he said.

Dr Dasposan said Agricaltech is looking for funding and the public to help fund the projects.

If successful, the company said it plans to expand to other facilities around the world.

“We are not alone in that we will expand,” he said, noting that he believes the industry will reach a tipping point.

But Dr. Daspo said the business model would likely change.

He noted that some companies are already creating products that are not made with organic chemistry, for example, a process called biofuels.

He also noted that organic chemistry has become popular among food manufacturers, such as the Kraft Company, which is producing organic-grade chicken feed.

The company hopes to become the first to produce synthetic chemicals with higher levels of chemical stability, he added.

The California company said that it has hired about 40 employees at its two new facilities, as well as several other employees from other companies.


Suryasan Chakraborty, chief financial officer of the company, said the first facilities will be completed this summer, but that the company has no firm timeline for when they will be operational.

Agritech plans to start producing synthetic compounds with a higher level of stability, Dr. Chakrabonty said.

He added that the process of using synthetic materials to manufacture food products is one of the fastest-growing areas of innovation in the U.S.