A chemical attack has killed six people in the southern city of Aruba.

The attack happened on Wednesday afternoon at a petrol station in the city’s Baguio district, local media reported.

The injured are in a stable condition, local police said.

The cause of the attack is yet to be established, they added.

A local government official said the attack occurred after petrol was spilled during a protest over the death of two young men, who died at the scene.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that several vehicles belonging to a group of protesters had been set on fire, with petrol on the streets of Baguios capital.

He said the demonstrators were demonstrating against the death penalty, saying they had been hit by a car while protesting.

A police spokesman told the AFP news agency that a police helicopter had been sent to investigate the incident.

The BBC’s Ben Smith in Baguiolo says that the area has been hit hard by the recent unrest and the protests.

The city has been under heavy police protection for more than two weeks, and local authorities say it is under siege by protesters, many of whom have been demonstrating in the streets since the killing of a young man last week.

The government has said that it will investigate the attack.