Chemical stocks in general and stocks of some of the biggest players in the chemical industry are jumping ahead of President Donald Trump’s announcement Wednesday that he will expand the military’s use of the so-called “kill list” against terror suspects, according to an analysis by Bloomberg.

The announcement comes a day after Trump announced an expansion of the military kill list in response to a wave of attacks carried out by people linked to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

According to the analysis, chemical stocks in the United States are up by more than 10 percent in the week ending June 7 from a week earlier.

According the Bloomberg analysis, the U.S. Chemical Industry Association, a trade group representing the chemicals industry, is expecting the increase in demand for chemicals in the weeks ahead to offset a dip in demand from overseas buyers.

“There is still a significant market for the chemical products we have to provide in the U., but there is also a large number of companies looking to move to the U.,” the trade group said in a statement.

Chemical stocks have gained nearly 5 percent over the past week as the global economy has improved and oil prices have rebounded.

Since Trump took office, the chemical market has grown by more that 7.5 percent and the total market for chemicals increased by more 4.2 percent, according Bloomberg.

Chemicals are used in everything from aerosol sprays and fire extinguishers to industrial coatings and fire-retardant foam.

A spokeswoman for ChemChina said it’s difficult to provide a specific analysis of how the market has changed, but that the chemical stocks have seen a “great boost in volume since Trump’s recent decision.”

The company added that it is working closely with the government and industry partners to ensure the best and most efficient way to utilize its products.

For now, the industry has not responded to the announcement, but it has already seen a surge in overseas orders, with orders of the company’s chemical product, Pyrethrin, growing by 30 percent to more than $4 billion.

The company has also boosted its U.K. orders for Pyrethrins, from just a handful of orders a month before the launch of the ban to more, and is targeting an additional $5 billion in orders in the next three to four months, said ChemChina spokeswoman Emily Davis.

This is in addition to the orders that ChemChina already received from U.A.E. countries including Turkey and Jordan, the company added.

Earlier this week, ChemChina announced that it had received orders for nearly 20,000 tonnes of its product.

In a statement, the International Association of Chemical Industries said the Trump administration’s decision to expand the use of targeted killing will help boost U.U.S.-China trade and economic ties.

It said it is confident that U.B.C. and the U,S.

government can successfully execute their joint commitment to reduce chemical-related trade barriers and enhance U.C.-China cooperation in the development and sale of chemicals.

However, it cautioned that the US.

Government needs to ensure its efforts are fully implemented.

As a result of the executive order and other initiatives announced today, the trade organization said, it expects that the trade between the U and the world’s largest producer of chemicals will continue to grow significantly.