A former executive at Shell Plc and a former employee of the oil company are facing new charges of falsifying a disclosure form and obstruction of justice.

John R. Kilduff, the former chief executive officer of Shell, and Michael T. Dolan, the current executive vice president of global business development, are facing charges stemming from an investigation into a business arrangement between the company and the company’s former president, George C. Shell.

In a court filing on Thursday, prosecutors said they were seeking to revoke Shell’s CEO license for both men, alleging that the companies “engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the government by making false and misleading statements in connection with the transaction” of the company.

Dolan, Shell’s current president, was indicted last month on four felony counts of fraud, and Kilduffs, who has been on administrative leave since his arrest in September, faces two felony counts.

Kilduff is accused of falsified a disclosure statement for Shell in March 2016 that said it had not sold its petrochemical business to an overseas buyer, according to court documents.

He also was accused of misleading regulators about Shell’s sales of its chemical products.

The charges against Kilduf and Dolan stem from a $15 million transaction that took place in July 2016 between the former executives and an offshore company called The Energy Trust, which controlled a controlling interest in the oil giant.KILDUFF, who is also a Shell shareholder, resigned as CEO of Shell in July.

In addition to being charged, Dolan was also arrested on Friday and is in custody on a charge of obstructing justice.

He has pleaded not guilty.

In April 2016, prosecutors say that Shell paid $1.4 billion to buy the rights to produce and use its petrol and chemical products and was then sold a stake in The Energy Group, a private company.

The company’s previous owner, BP Plc, agreed to a $8 billion deal in February that gave it a majority stake in Shell.

Shell is currently working to acquire an oil-and-gas company that it is developing from a consortium of Canadian oil companies.