Kilburn chemicals are “ticking” over concerns over safety, as the company looks to reduce costs.

The Irish Times has learned that the chemicals supply chain is “ticks” over safety concerns.

TICKTACKS The Irish newspaper said it has been told the supplier of the chemical, NOC, has increased its risk assessment in the face of increased risk from recent cases of respiratory infections.

NOC said in a statement to the Irish Times: “We understand the concerns that have been raised about our products.

In the past year, there have been more than a dozen cases of infections in Ireland. “

The safety and quality of our products are of the utmost priority for us and we take these concerns very seriously.”NOC has increased the level of the chemicals in its supply chain, which could reduce their effectiveness and make them less effective.

In the past year, there have been more than a dozen cases of infections in Ireland.

“We are taking our responsibilities very seriously and we have taken a number of steps to reduce our exposure to these infections,” NOC said.

On the company’s website, it states: “The risk of adverse effects is minimised and our products can be safely used and are safe for use in all situations.”

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS In a statement, Noc said it was not possible to comment on individual cases.

“Our response to the situation has been to ensure that our products and processes are operating in accordance with all regulatory requirements and we are taking all steps to minimise risk to the community.”

The company has said it is “taking measures to minimised the risk to our customers, staff and suppliers”.

Noc said: “In line with the recommendations of the European Union, we have increased the risk assessment for the chemicals we supply.

We are following the European Food Safety Authority guidance and the Food Safety Agency (FSA) guidance on the use of NOCs.”

In May, NSC Chemicals, a supplier of Nocs products, reported that the use in its products of a chemical called dicarbonyl in conjunction with its NOC product had been linked to respiratory infections in a laboratory.

It said the chemicals were not approved for use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the European Commission.

Last month, the Irish government announced it would ban NOC’s products, with a new system to prevent the use by people with compromised immune systems.

A spokesperson for NOC told The Irish Mail on Sunday: “NOC products are not approved by the EMA or the FDA, and our safety has never been a concern.

We are working closely with the government to ensure the safety of our customers and suppliers and take all necessary actions to minimising the risks.”