(AP) Chemical regulators in New England say some of the toxic chemicals released into the air around a refinery near the Indian state of West Bengal this week were produced at a factory owned by a company owned by the governor of West Virginia.

State health officials said Tuesday they are investigating whether the chemicals were released into nearby air, but did not say how they came to be in the air.

The plant, in the town of Eden, was closed for the cleanup of the chemicals.

The governor of the neighboring state, Joe Manchin, called the release of toxic chemicals into the state’s air “disgusting.”

He said the chemical spill is not connected to West Virginia’s governor, but it is a concern for the state.


Manchin also told CBS News that the state is investigating whether any other chemicals were used.

The New England Chemical Safety Board has been notified.

The state Department of Environmental Protection issued a press release on Monday saying the spill was the largest chemical spill of its kind in New Hampshire.

Officials from West Virginia and New Hampshire said Wednesday they have begun a joint investigation to determine how the chemical came to pass.

The release comes a day after Gov.

Chris Christie of New Jersey, a Republican, issued a call for a federal investigation into West Virginia Gov.

Earl Ray Tomblin, who announced his resignation after a report showed he used taxpayer money to hire a private detective to look into the scandal.