German chemicals giant MFG AG plans to sell its first batch of chemical weapons-grade products in 2019, the company said Thursday.MFG said in a statement that it has already purchased and processed about 30,000 tons of chemical munitions in the past six months.

“The company is now focused on building a robust product pipeline,” MFG said.MIGG said it is working to reduce its stockpiles by 20 percent, including in its chemical weapons division, which MFG controls, and is working on ways to stop the use of chemical warfare agents in future.

In its statement, MFG described the use and stockpiling of chemical agents as an “international problem” and warned that its products “could be used in future for terrorist activities and aggression.”

“Chemical weapons have the potential to cause great harm to people, animals and the environment,” it said.

“We have made a very strong decision to take these measures.

The company has decided to stop using these chemicals in the foreseeable future.”

A senior MFG executive, who asked not to be named, said the company had been studying the use in Syria of chlorine and nerve gas, as well as the effects of sarin and mustard gas, since 2013.

The senior executive said that in 2015, the chemical weapons stockpile was “over 90 percent” of what it had been in 2016, and the chemical stockpiles in the United States and Israel had dropped to about 70 percent.