The Federal Trade Commission is calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to require the FDA to make a public report on the impact of toxic chemicals on human health.

The FDA recently announced that it would require more and more of the 10 most toxic pesticides on the market to be taken off the market.

The move comes amid the agency’s review of some of the most popular pesticides on market, including glyphosate, a popular weed killer.

In a statement, the agency said the public report will provide the public with “a comprehensive overview of the health effects of pesticides.”

The agency is also requesting more information about how to prevent and respond to adverse health effects.

The public comment period ends on Friday.

The EPA also is conducting a public health assessment of glyphosate, the chemical that has been linked to birth defects in rats, mice and humans.

The agency has asked companies to provide information about their own pesticide use and how it compares with that of the Environmental Defense Fund and other organizations.

The report is scheduled to be released on May 22.