When it comes to chemicals, it can be tough to keep track of everything that’s out there.

That’s why Shell is launching an app called ShellChemists that will help you quickly identify dangerous chemicals in your home.

The app is the result of a collaboration between Shell and the nonprofit, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

ShellChemist, launched today, is designed to help users identify and manage chemicals in their homes.

It has a dashboard where you can search and filter through a variety of chemicals in a home or work environment.

The company says it will continue to improve the app and add more features as it grows. 

One of the features the app has is a feature that will let you know if a chemical you’re looking at is listed as hazardous to humans or pets. 

If you see any of the following, click on it to learn more: Chemicals with an H: The chemical can cause lung cancer in humans or animals. 

Chemical with an I: The substance can cause a severe allergic reaction in humans. 

Pharmaceuticals with an E: The drug is suspected to cause an increased risk of liver damage. 

Medicines with an M: The medicine can cause severe pain or severe illness. 

Alcohol and tobacco: The alcohol or tobacco is considered a dangerous drug, and people can’t get or smoke it. 

Foods: The food contains ingredients that are known to cause cancer or other health problems. 

Other products: The ingredients are known or suspected to have carcinogenic properties. 

Gas: The gas is used in industrial production. 

Oil: The oil is used for the production of fuel. 

Paper: The paper is used as a base for construction materials. 

Tobacco: The tobacco is used to produce a substance that is used by people for a variety